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Important Digital News that Should be on Your Radar

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A Behind the Scenes Look at Online Travel Deals

A deep dive into a vertical brings surprising knowledge on how that business sector works.

For instance: You might be aware that most of the online fare aggregators and travel meta search engines (also known as OTAs – Online Travel Agencies) are only owned by two major companies. Expedia has Travelocity, Orbitz,, Hotwire, Trivago, CheapTickets and eBookers, among others. Priceline owns,, KAYAK,,, and OpenTable.

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Creating Content that Matters

Every business is an expert in something. Are you offering your customer your expertise?

Otherwise Known as: Value-Rich Content

As marketers and business people we walk a fine line between explaining our product in a manner that achieves sales, and over-selling our product.

The holy grail of marketing is selling 100 percent of your inventory at retail price. The way to do that is to locate the audience that: wants your product, can use it, and has such a great experience with it that they buy more and tell other people about it.

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The FTC is Watching Your Influencer

It’s a safe bet that every C-Suite denizen has asked their Marketing Director this burning question “what is our influencer strategy?” With today’s constriction of organic growth on social channels celebrity endorsers, big-hitting bloggers, influencers, micro influences, and OMG even nano-influencers are sure to make an appearance in your annual marketing plan.

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Covid19 Social Strategy

The thing we love about social media is that it shows the vast range of things everyone is doing – traveling, cooking, showing off art (whether that’s photography, nail, hair, makeup, music, flowers, etc.), communicating about issues, work environments, and kids and family.

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Don’t Panic, Pivot

Pivoting isn’t easy, and it looks very different for every business out there. It is complicated by the fact that we don’t know how long the current environment will remain, nor what the aftermath will look. Pausing, though, could be more damaging in the long run. When you remove yourself from the equation completely that gives your competitors the opportunity to take over your mindshare/marketshare. And getting it back isn’t nearly as easy as giving it up*.

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