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The Problem:

Lions Clubs International Foundations (LCIF) needed to launch a Facebook page in order to be able to receive donations via Facebook’s non-profit donation tools. But, starting a new page in 2019 – as organic growth on Facebook across the board dwindled to a trickle – was a huge challenge.

Who is LCIF:

Lions Club International

LCIF – Lions Clubs International Foundation – is the charitable giving arm of Lions Clubs International (LCI), a global 1.4-million-member service organization that has been around for 100+ years. Lions Clubs International is focused on its members and service clubs, while the Foundation receives charitable donations and delivers those donations in the forms of grants to support local and global humanitarian efforts.

Hurdles faced:

Low organic growth: The median organic growth for a Facebook page is between 25 and 88 followers per month (0.64% to 2.22% per week). Non-profits typically fall on the lower end of that scale.

Missing a key donation channel: Since 2018, Facebook has been emerging as a transformative online giving channel. Some non-profits have seen more donations via Facebook than all of their other digital channels combined (that’s email, web giving, digital ads, search, and monthly donors).

In for the win:

In order to create a donation platform of some significance a large and varied audience would be needed.

Buzzgen Media paired up organic strategies:

  • Targeted editorial calendar
  • Active social listening to boost engagement
  • Adjusted post frequency
  • Strategized best practices editorial – copy, images, and video

With a combination of boosted posts and a clever mix of advertising campaigns (reach, like, and conversion objectives) that were highly optimized to supercharge the follower growth.

Buzzgen Media was able to grow LCIF’s Facebook page to 100,000 followers in six months. Those followers went on to create more than 1,000 Facebook Fundraisers in the first few months, resulting in a new donation stream for LCIF that was expected to reach 6 figures in under 18-months.