This team of seasoned veterans help businesses develop successful digital marketing initiatives that they can then own and run internally achieving their best profits ever.

Ingrid Nielsen


Visionary, Leader, Revenue Strategist

"Ingrid is one of the sharpest media professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a great perspective on the Industry and is always someone you can go to for a thoughtful answer about digital media and where it’s going" --David Stoller, Strategic Partner Lead at Google

A 24-year industry veteran in Interactive Marketing, Ingrid is a genuine digital marketing pioneer and entrepreneur who played a part in early search advertising delivery and UI development. Ingrid has spent years helping to architect and deploy custom solutions and in 2009 she found buZZgen, a digital media strategy and execution service.


Patrick King

Patrick King

Search Wiz

Fast, Keyword Savant, Budget Guru

Patrick King holds a bachelor in Business Administration and Economics (BBA). He is a high-level strategist with a proven background in medical and esthetics verticals.

Patrick's top skills include formulating digital marketing strategy, executing campaigns across a wide array of channels (social, search, display, retargeting, email, etc.) and develop analytical insights to inform optimization.

He executes his campaigns with an emphasis on lead generation through branding, consumer promotion and product value proposition

Melodie Hilton

Melodie Hilton

Queen of Content

Creative, Organized, Strategic

Melodie is an amazing leader who always faces challenges with a calm strength that instills trust and respect. She always keeps her word and demonstrates integrity in every level of practicing business. She creates a work environment that gives the opportunity to constantly grow and learn new things while being held accountable for job specific tasks. Her ideas are always grounded in a strategic manor that allows you feel part of a vision. -- Ryan Neergaard, Director of Biz Dev at Astra Digital.

A top communication leader, Melodie is highly proficient in the development of creative business strategies, effective content, profitable marketing, and compelling branding. She is equally adept at interactive and print/broadcast.

Shyama Helin

Shyama Helin

Project Manager

Task Tickler, Red Flag Raiser, Keeper of Schedules

"Shyama is a PM paratrooper that can drop into complex situations, quickly assess, then take the lead. ". -- Daniel T Wood, VP Digital Experience at Liquid Agency

An award winning Digital Project Manager and Executive Producer with 14 years of experience managing projects and leading digital marketing teams, Shyama has successfully launched marketing campaigns and new technology solutions for clients including Air New Zealand, Burgerville, CBS, Cisco, Disney, Flipboard, Freightliner, Intel, Mcgraw Hill Publishing, Nike, and US Army.