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The Problem:

Fujitsu America needed to revamp a lackluster social presence across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for three of their business units.

Who is Fujitsu:

Fujitsu America is the parent company of a group of Fujitsu-owned companies operating in the Americas, including the products we were brought in to assist with: Happy Hacking Keyboards, ScanSnap Scanners, and Fujitsu Imaging Solutions. Technology peripherals that focus on the small-to-medium business (Fujitsu Imaging Solutions); personal and small business scanners (ScanSnap); and high-end keyboards for gamers and coders (HHKB).

Hurdles faced:

Fujitsu’s social media accounts were suffering from not enough original content, too many posts for the audience size, and a lack of a formal editorial strategy.  Further Fan growth, engagements, and product interest were trending below average.

Fujitsu’s content process at that time relied heavily on ad hoc activities: promotions, sales, blogs and consumer interaction necessitating quick turns on content creation. Content calendars were done weekly, and images and messaging were frequently re-used.

In for the win:

Buzzgen was able to immediately create content that focused on both the different audiences across social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the different product audiences. ScanSnap was more consumer focused; Fujitsu Imaging was medium-to-large business units; and Happy Hacking Keyboard had a vocal group of coders and gamers who were passionate about peripherals.

Hashtags, tagging, and tie-ins with social media and calendar holidays were also implemented, as well as optimally timed postings linked to specific days and hours.

That strategy immediately produced dividends with accounts growth between 20 to 40% in under three months. Clicks on posts grew 36%. Engagements were up 18% and impressions increased even though the actual number of posts decreased.  One of the optimizations Buzzgen implemented was to cut down the number of generic posts and focus more on day and time of posting, and audience-focused content.