buZZgen ‘s advertising efforts increase FICO’s webinar attendance by 50%

Buzzgen increased FICO’s Webinar Attendance
by 50%
What can they do for you?

Who is the client?
FICO provides analytics and decision making services including credit scoring intended to help companies make complex, high-volume decisions.

FICO’s Decision Management solutions combine world-class analytics and innovative applications to give organizations the power to automate, improve and connect decisions across their business. FICO also helps millions of individuals manage their credit health through the website.

What is their need/goal?
FICO needed to increase registration volume for a critical Webinar event – and in less than 2 weeks.

What was the clients problem/goal/need?
FICO’s advertising budget and resources to support display advertising were very limited. This campaign also needed to be executed within an abbreviated timeframe with less than 2 weeks to launch and garner results.

What did buZZgen do for them? Specifically what strategy and tactics were used to improve results?
The strategy was to identify niche publications that have a highly engaged audience focused on Business Analytics.

buZZgen architected the program to include a variety of display advertising opportunities to span traditional efforts such as sponsored e-blasts to leveraging social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

What was the outcome for the client?
Within 3 days of the campaign’s launch there was 15% lift in registration volume and by the end of the campaign 51% of total registrations were attributed to buZZgen’s work. The event ended up over capacity and the incremental registrants were gained at a cost of under $9.00 each.

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