Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets was a well-renowned brand in the 1960’s and a household name when it came to motorcycle helmets. After a natural evolution of product proliferation Bell Helmets had suffered from brand dilution. They had also discovered that there was less brand resonance tied to their previous flagship product the motorcycle helmet. The reality that they faced was that their core audience had narrowed to skew predominantly toward males 40 years or older, had grown up with the brand, and is still a motorcycle enthusiast.

Bell Helmets needed to reinvent their brand, rebuild brand awareness to seek out a new customer base, and inform consumers of their retail presence. This was as an opportunity to test additional demo markets for viability.

Bell Helmet taps into a
New Market
What can we do for you?

Test 3 diverse markets to gauge interest. Design contextual banner ads and landing pages that would resonate with each distinct audience. Although there were multiple variations the primary message that was to be communicated was high quality yet affordable motorcycle helmets.

The campaign was segmented into 3 Themed groups:

Control: “Boomer” Male Targeted- This was designed to appeal to their traditional male 40+ audience as well as a slightly younger male audience.

Test Group 1: “Women” Female Targeted- This creative was to attract the adventurous woman in seek of a sleek yet comfortable helmet. This was thought to be the least successful test group given their historical target audience.

Test Group 2: “Young” Youth Targeted- This creative execution was positioned for a “Fast & the Furious” meets “Miami Ink” young adult enthusiast who is races motorcycles or rides recreationally.

Conversion measurement was based on the number of zip code searches conducted on the landing page.


Key Learnings:
Although the Male targeted group resulted in a higher response rate, both the female and youth test groups converted at higher rates. Females converted 19% higher and the Youth Test group converted 23% higher than the male control group.

Control: “Boomer” Male targeted landing page

Test Group 1: “Women’s” Female targeted landing page

Test Group 2: “Young” Youth targeted landing page

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