buZZgen increased RSA’s conversion volume and reduced cost per acquisition by 39% year over year.

buZZgen reduced
RSA’s Cost Per
Acquisition in SEM
by 39%
What can we do for you?

Who is the client?
RSA Conference is the most comprehensive forum in information security offering enterprise and technical professionals’ one-stop learning. Throughout its 19 year history, RSA Conference has attracted the world’s best and brightest in the field, creating opportunities for conference attendees to learn about IT security’s most important issues through first-hand interactions with peers, and emerging and established companies.

What is their need/goal?
RSA needed to increase 2011 conference registration volume year over year.

What was the clients problem/goal/need?
RSA’s budget and resources for the PPC channel were not expanded beyond what was allocated in 2010, yet results needed to improve.

What did buZZgen do for them? Specifically what strategy and tactics were used to improve results?
The strategy was to expand the campaign to achieve higher registration volume.

buZZgen architected the program to include multiple search engines beyond Google, added additional keyword terms, tested new messaging and geo targeted the campaign on a broader spectrum. buZZgen also worked with RSA to identify additional landing pages on their website that could be used to attract new attendees; e.g. “why attend”.

What was the outcome for the client?
RSA’s 2011 registration volume, via the PPC channel, increased by 57% with a reduced cost per acquisition 39% lower than the previous year. Furthermore, new attendees were successfully targeted and converted as result of the expanded keywords and new landing pages used.

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