Marshall Strategy

Marshall Strategy

Little changes in Search Marketing programs can yield big results.

buZZgen improved Click Through Rates
by 62%
for Marshall Strategy.
What can we do for you?

Who is the client?
Led by legendary identity consultant, Philip Durbrow, Marshall Strategy helps all types of organizations develop successful branding strategies. This may involve positioning, naming, revitalizing identities, new identity design, or aligning brand portfolios

What is their need/goal?
Marshall Strategy needed to take their Search Marketing to the next level.

What was the clients problem/goal/need?
Marshall was experiencing declines in their visitor volumes from Search Engine Marketing, despite reams of outside expert advice & analysis

What did buZZgen do for them? Specifically what strategy and tactics were used to improve results?
buZZgen analyzed the existing program and content to pinpoint areas of opportunity and growth. The findings were used to apply a variety of small best practices changes as well as making changes in landing pages and ad copy realignment.

What was the outcome for the client?
The new campaign was yielding improved click through rates of 62.5% within 30 days.

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