Landing Page Tips!

Here is a wonderful article highlighting 3 tips and tricks that lead to improved landing page performance. Enjoy! Source: http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2016/29769/three-ppc-landing-page-tips-hardly-anyone-takes-advantage-of  

Google Ads for a Mobile-first World

Trillions of Google searches happen every year. Half of those searches are completed on a mobile device. Yesterday, Google announced ads that are catered to a “mobile first world”. Check out this link for an in depth look at these changes, and let us know what you think! Source:Ads and analytics innovations for a mobile-first world 

Brand Fans 56% More Likely to Recommend on Facebook

Facebook fans are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends after they become fans themselves, by 56% versus 36% who would not, according to a new study by email service provider Constant Contact and Boston-based research company Chadwick Martin Bailey. The online study, conducted in January, had 1,491 respondents. Further, 51% are more likely […]

Want SEM success? Try planning to fail

Failure is a natural part of the search marketing process, but it doesn’t have to be a fatal setback. See how to convert your clients’ failures into a rich source of information for future success. Time management guru Alan Lakein once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Sure, his sage message extends to writing […]

How the Down Economy is Affecting Online Marketing

A good article came out the other day, sharing the results of the Epsilon CMO study looking at the opinions and focus of CMOs in the light of the current economic times. Interesting 94% of all CMOs believe that now is a time when marketing will play a key role in their organizations.  The shift […]

It’s all Great Until it Goes Wrong – or was it Right After All?

BT, Behavioral, Behavioral Targeting, everyone is talking about, MediaPost has new publication dedicated to it (http://blogs.mediapost.com/behavioral_insider/).  It is the next great way to deliver more relevant advertisements, uncover the hidden masses of customers, get the attention of bombarded consumers.  But is it for everyone?  When we asked this question recently, it was in the context […]

POV: Click Fraud

Situation Over the last year, understanding and managing paid search click fraud has become an industry hot topic. With talk of multimillion-dollar settlements and irreparable damage to large brands, it is not surprising that many companies are now taking a deeper look. Buzzgen works with their clients to help them understand, and appropriately manage, any […]

C-Level Guide to help Assess Their Company’s Search Strategy

For far too long, many companies have relegated their Search Engine Marketing to those techie, geeky folks “over there” that get it.  (Full disclosure, I am one of those techie geeky folks)  While ‘they’ are definitely good assets, your SEM deserves the same attention as your other marketing efforts.  A perfect example of the risks […]

The Unintended Consequences of Not Using Brand Terms in Search

One of the hot topics in the marketing world right now (beyond the economy) revolves around using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for brand building.  Can a company effectively build their brand using SEM?  Does it really deepen engagement?  Does it boost intent to purchase?  Can one really have a brand conversation vis-à-vis a Search Engine? […]

How Mastering the Five Core Components of Paid Search Marketing Can Lead to Success

The world of paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) moves at the speed of light.  The field is constantly being bombarded by enough new tips, tricks, updates, hints, ideas and theories to make your head spin. However by learning some of the basics of paid SEM, practitioners can keep their sanity while also gaining a solid […]

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