How To Get Banned from Facebook

Diversity is key when it comes to driving traffic to your website, but social media, in particular Facebook, is in the driver’s seat for many brands. Facebook can assist in multiple digital efforts: engagement, search, advertising and brand awareness, in general. This is why many companies assign their most valuable resources (time and money) to […]

The Fastest Way to Get Banned by Google

A great article talking about the 5 top ways to get banned by Google overnight.  

28% of Media Costs are Transactional

A great insight piece by Matt Straz on the difficulties in Media buying process. Originally titled “The Digital RFP Is A Frustrating Mess” Recent research tells us what we already know: planning and buying digital media can be highly inefficient. Google opines that 28% of a media buy is soaked up by transactional costs beyond […]

Boosting SEO with LinkedIn

Some great tips coming via Search Engine Land today on how you can leverage your LinkedIn account to help boost SEO rankings. 1. Setup A LinkedIn Company Page One of the main differences between our client’s LinkedIn Profile(s) and the profiles of that top competitor was that their competitor has a LinkedIn Company Page with […]

Above Fold Ads 7x More Likely to Get Clicked

Findings from a recently released report show that online ads appearing “above the fold” are nearly seven times more effective at generating a click through than those appearing “below the fold” and that the more times someone sees an ad the more likely they are to click through and take action. The report, issued by […]

Pausing PPC Ads can cost you 89% of your clicks

A year long study by Google across 4 countries and 400 advertisers found that when a PPC campaign is paused, organic search only picked-up around 11% of the lost clicks.  That means that pausing a PPC campaign can cost a company as much as 89% of the traffic they were previously receiving through that channel. […]

46% of CMO’s State Growing Top Line Growth as Top Mandate in 2011

While 51% state that the economy remains their biggest challenge.  In an extensive report from the CMO Council, the conclusion is that marketers will focus on operational transformation in 2011, in an effort to fulfill a move away from “Random Acts of Marketing,” and realize the more accountable, productive models that senior management demands. In doing […]

Google Changes Organic Listings / Sitelinks

On August 16th, Google made some permanent changes to how your organic listings are being displayed.  Sitelinks, which were previously limited to a handful or less have been now expanded to include up to 12.  Sitelinks are now also enlarged and more prominent (see below).  With the expansion it is likely that your new site […]

The Definitive List of Top SEM Mistakes

Over the years, I have read (and written) a lot of lists about common mistakes made in Search Engine Marketing. The 3 things you should never do in SEM Top 5 Mistakes made in SEM Top 10 SEM No-No’s The 7 Things you should know before doing SEM After 10+ years of reading these types […]

Is Google God?

Thanks to a post from Gord Hotchkiss recently, I have just become aware of  Well, ummm, hmmmm, where to start?   I must say the Hate Mail section is highly entertaining and makes it obvious that some people feel very threatened by this concept.  Especially when you read the Commandments, which make it clear […]

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