Boosting SEO with LinkedIn

Some great tips coming via Search Engine Land today on how you can leverage your LinkedIn account to help boost SEO rankings.

1. Setup A LinkedIn Company Page

One of the main differences between our client’s LinkedIn Profile(s) and the profiles of that top competitor was that their competitor has a LinkedIn Company Page with employees associated with it. Our client has some employees with profiles that link to their website, but they do not have a Company Page.

What are LinkedIn Company Pages?

From Linkedin: “Company Pages are a company’s profile of record on LinkedIn and a powerful way to speak to millions of professionals through word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted testimonials. It’s like a LinkedIn profile for a company.

Company Pages present an opportunity to reveal the human side of your company. Provide a peek at the individuals behind your brand and highlight how members use your products.

2. Associate Employees With Your Company Page

Once your company page is setup, have some of your employees associate their LinkedIn profiles with your Company Page.  Here are the steps to associate a profile with a Company Page:

  1. Click Profile at the top of your home page.
  2. Click Edit next to your current position at the company.
  3. Click the Change Company link.
  4. Type the full company name.
  5. Select the correct company name from the dropdown list.
  6. Click Update.

3. Have Your Employees Optimize Their Public Profiles

Having your employees optimize their profiles helps make the content on their profile more visible to others within the LinkedIn community and with search engines.

Here are the steps to optimize a profile:

Login to LinkedIn.

Hover over your profile name in the upper right corner of the profile screen and choose Settings

Hover over profile name and choose Settings

Hover over profile name and choose Settings

In the Settings section, choose “Edit your public profile“

Choose “Edit your public profile “

Choose “Edit your public profile “

Check “Make my public profile visible to everyone”. Then select as many of the options below as you are comfortable with.

The Headline, Summaries with specialties, Additional Information / Websites are helpful for search results.

Check “Make my public profile visible to everyone”. Select Options

Check “Make my public profile visible to everyone”. Select Options

4. Have Your Employees Share Your Updates On Their Profiles

When you have important updates to share ask some or all of your employees to post the update on their LinkedIn Profiles.

For example, when you want to announce that helpful video you put up on YouTube or that great how-to article that was just published (such as we talked about last time in The Guide To Effective Article Marketing ) ask your employees to Share the Update on their profiles with a link to the content:

  1. Paste the URL to your content in the Linkedin “share an update” window.
  2. Then overwrite the URL with a note. After you see the snippet of the content in the window below you can erase the URL and put a note in:

Share an Update on LinkedinShare an Update on Linkedin

Having employees share updates on LinkedIn can get your update in front of thousands of people on LinkedIn who may in turn share it, bookmark it, Like it, link to it, etc.

For example, if you have 50 employees with LinkedIn profiles each with an average of 100 connections and most of them posted an update about a great article your company published on its website, thousands of connections on LinkedIn, many who are familiar with your company and (hopefully) favorably predisposed, may see that announcement.

5. The End Goal

Having a company page with associated employees (each with optimized profiles) who are active with a large  number of connections, can increase the visibility of your content both on LinkedIn and with search engines, while giving you a effective online networking tool to communicate with hundreds or thousands of connections.

Sharing updates with these connections should help increase awareness of your messages and the Web content you link to in your updates, and possibly increase the rankings of that content as your connections share, bookmark/like, and link to your content.

You can read the full article here

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